Cover Crops in Orchards

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Almond orchard cover crops and overall almond orchard health

I had the opportunity to attend the Cover Crops in Orchards - Demonstration and Workshop presented by @americanfarmlandtrust. 
I was especially interested in their workshop because our orchard has full coverage R-10 sprinklers. And, for our overall orchard health. The contents of the workshop guide include a summary of the five major management steps for using cover crops, a timeline of cover crop management, and multiple options for managing cover crops in your context. The virtual copy of the guide is available via this link -

Cover crops and resident vegetation can provide enhanced agronomic and ecosystem benefits to California almond orchards. Management and site-specific factors will determine if, when, and how cover crops will fit into a specific orchard system.

Depending on the circumstances, cover crops or resident vegetation have the potential to help growers accomplish a wide range of goals, from desired improvements to reductions in on-farm challenges.

Thank you to:
Paul Lum Sr. Agricultural Specialist @americanfarmlandtrust
Rich and Tanya Gemperle
Dr. Vivian Wauters UC Davis Gaudin Lab
Stetcyn Maldonado - Project Apis m.
Anel Trujillo @americanfarmlandtrust

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